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DSE Sponsorship: $10/Month




We own a highly reputed company that produces high-quality content for our viewers all around the world. Our team comprises of well-skilled content makers that produce very exciting and favorable content for the viewers.



We are offering a sponsorship opportunity to visitors in order to produce much more beneficial and influential content for our viewers. This will enable us to gain much more viewership and will help us to grow and prosper much more.



Our objective is to gain maximum viewership for the content we are producing. This can be achieved by highly supportive and trustworthy sponsors.



We are starting a sponsorship program for our company that is starting for $10.99 a month. We are providing you an opportunity to become a content sponsor for just $10.99 per month which will help you gain maximum advertisement and marketing for us.



  • We provide an opportunity for all the content sponsors to get access to all the content produced by their investment without paying any extra charges. They may download the absolutely unique exclusive content whenever and wherever they want without paying any subscription charges for it.

  • We are able to promote your company on our website and in all the events we shall organize, by appreciating your services for us.

  • Our highly reputed company will help you to boost your reputation in the international market by further solidifying customer’s confidence by our extraordinary services sponsored by you.

  • If you provide us with few more sponsors as an affiliate, we’ll give commission to you as we couldn’t be able to do the work efficiently without the help of generous people like you.



  • Considering our program, a highly professional platform, we want you to kindly keep this in mind that we only work with sponsors who are highly honest in their work and use ethical practices for marketing.

  • No scammers or offensive content will be accepted and it may cancel your sponsorship as well. Please be careful in this regard.

  • It would be great and highly appreciated if you pay the sponsorship amount on time every month.

  • We’ll do advertising of your services as per the contract made. No extra services beyond our reach are promised.


We hope to get all the above-mentioned details so that together we can bring a change and together we can work for the benefit of all.



Your immense support is very necessary for us. It would really mean a lot if you provide sponsorship which we really need in order to produce services that would meet the customer's needs and name in the content market. We would highly value your services and would promote you whenever and wherever necessary. In addition, we will mention you in the major events, ads, and displays of any of our events, also in the media and venues. 


You and your representation of your company are most welcome to attend our events and encourage our team.


I know at times it can be difficult and confusing when you join a new program but you are not alone in your efforts. We are with you and always there to help you and solve your query because we believe teamwork makes the dream work and working efficiently as a team improves morale and helps to achieve milestones.


For further details, feel free to contact us.


Once again it is great to have you in our program. We would like to thank you for choosing us and for believing in us. We once again would like to welcome you onboard and can’t wait to work with you. Your sponsorship will surely bring a change and will help us to achieve what we want -maximum customer satisfaction.

We also have new promotions all the time which would give you LOTS of opportunities to earn a commission as an affiliate. 

We look forward to cultivating a profitable business and achieve milestones with you!




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Business Offer Letter For Sponsor Ads


Company Drip Star Entertainment deals with music, models, and movies. It is an entertainment providing company having different celebrities for endorsement where necessary. The company is seeking offers from renowned companies who want to build them socially in order to enhance their social contacts so that different strong sponsors can be attracted to sponsoring different activities and events.

Drip Star Entertainment is a certified advertisement agency that deals in successful business expansion results for its clients with it google network, Facebook platform, Twitter account, Instagram account, and YouTube channel solution of advertisement management. The company is aimed to deliver comprehensive service management offers to enhance your customer base that is ultimately a success factor for your brand. The basic purpose of using professional social media networks for the promotion of brands is to expand awareness about the particular brands in all classes of customers. This way of advertisement should attract the sponsor individuals and companies to sponsor the products. The sponsorship will also cut the advertisement cost to be minimized.

The reduction in the cost of the advertisement should result in enhancement of revenues thus increasing the profitability level of companies that are connected to the Drip Star Entertainment advertisement policy. The company is aimed to build a solution by creating a platform for the in-depth reviews of the client, content that is driven by data as well as wetted market leaders. We have shifted the trend from conventional marketing techniques towards modern techniques by implementing the research and development system in its company policies and strategies to directly invite and involve the clients in the feedback process as well as analysis of industry data, supporting the business by providing insights as well as analysis that is required to deal with upcoming challenges with confidence. 

The team associated with Drip Star Entertainment is dedicated to grow and shape the culture of the brand that is being advertised with it. Although the company is having its team of celebrities, models, and music the team is having strong adaptability characteristics to merge their creativity with the culture of the brand as well as according to traits of the market segment in which the brand is to be advertised. It is the first priority of the company not to compromise on cultural, ethical, and moral values after target customers and segments because customers are always at the heart of the company.

This letter is basically aimed to introduce the services and process of Drip Star Entertainment to people who want to hire this company as their advertising platform. This company will ultimately build your social network thus attracting more and more sponsors that will help in the positive promotion of products. Feel free to ask if you have any ambiguity about our services or processes. Moreover, the suggestions from your side will greatly be appreciated. 


yours sincerely, 


Drip Star Entertainment

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DSE Sponsorship: $10/Month
Screen Shot 2020-11-12 at 11.22.36
Site Main Features:
Full Ads system (User End), advertiser + Publisher (Monetization).
Subscriptions, History, Watch Later Pages
Pro System (free | paid member).
Apply for monetization for each user. [enable/disable]
Donation system
Paid videos system, user can sell his own videos
Auto Import: Choose keywords, and thousands of videos will be imported from Other Video Sharing Sites.
User can subscribe to user channel, to view their selling video.
Video studio, view detailed charts and analytics of videos, views, likes, dislikes, comments and many other features.
Admin can now approve or disapprove video before publishing.
Admin can limit the upload video of each user.
You can switch to any mode or deign anytime from the admin panel


Newly Launched Features:

#1 LiveStreaming System where users can Go Live

#2 Point system, users can earn points by doing several activities in the site.

#3 The ability to restrict rights of certain user from uploading / importing a video. 

#4 Cronjob to remove videos from site that are already removed from YouTube. (/deleted_youtube.php)

#5 New video player (cloudinary)

#6 Only paid users could stream, free or only admin could.

#7 Paystack, Iyzipay, Paysera, Razorpay and cashfree payment methods.

#8 Stock video section (Add royalty free, video with license & require membership to download)

#9 IMA vast ads support for Google video ads (new player is only supported)

#10 Ability to choose custom categories to appear on the homepage.

#11 Ability to pay per view feature for publishers. 

#12 Ability to rearrange videos in playlist.

#13 Ability to set articles as featured on homepage. 

#14 Sticky video player (on scroll)
DSE Sponsorship: $10/Month
Drip Star Social Network
DSE Sponsorship: $10/Month

My Date


My Data is a platform where you can avail a productive time to find someone according to your priorities. You just have to follow a simple signup process at the website of My Date with your hobbies, preferences, likings, and disliking. Similarly, other users are also having a registered account at this platform and you can choose a companion to share your ideas and spend quality time with. Moreover, My Date is proud to announce a new feature for the sponsorship program. Any user can get a sponsorship at My Date simply by paying a minimal amount of $10 per month. Yes, I am saying this is a nominal amount because sponsors will be getting numerous opportunities and benefits from this website that are worthy as compared to the amount paid. My Date will be facilitating the sponsors with all of the services as well as the offers that are introduced in that particular month. So, all the users must get the golden opportunity to get a sponsorship at My Date and get additional service offers that will ultimately enhance your social circle and relations in a productive way where you can share your ideas and can get new experiences that ultimately will help you in life.



My Course


My Course is a learning platform where different tutors are available to teach you different courses on demand. You just have to follow a sign-up process and get registered. This is the most valued platform especially in the current scenario when the whole world is facing a dilemma of COVID 19 that was started in November 2019 in China and then affected the whole world badly. Where the global lockdown system affected economically it equally affected our children in the aspect of their studies. Students are badly suffered from the schools closed moreover they cannot get the tuitions due to social distancing that is the first SOP in COVID. You can get the services of My Course by maintaining social distancing by selecting your target course and get online classes by remaining at your destination. Moreover, the golden opportunity is there if the users get a sponsorship at this platform, they will get all the services and offers in that sponsorship amount that is nothing against its unique benefits. You just have to pay $10 per month to get the sponsorship. So, go and get sponsorship and move a progressive step towards the bright academic career of your children.


My Storage


My storage is a platform that allows you to secure your precious data files by providing them a backup point. You can save your data files simply by following a registration process at the My Storage platform. This will give you ease to free up your mobile and laptops from excessive files as well as there will always be a backup saved there. Sometimes a person lost his/her important files due to a mobile phone problem or laptop window crash because these are the routine life problems in the era of information technology when everyone is dependent on software instead of manual catalogs and files. Everyone prefers to keep a backup of his important life files. My Storage allows its users that they can get sponsorship by paying $10 per month and this sponsorship will then enable them to get all the services and information at priority. Every newly announced offer and the package will be first delivered to its sponsors and they will get a golden chance to avail of these offers and services. So just go and get registered and get sponsorship by paying only an amount of $10 to get unlimited services.


Arcade Games


Arcade Games is basically a progressive entertainment website in terms of providing interesting games. Games always remained a source of entertainment even before existence of digital games. We are aimed in digital interesting games by providing a platform where customers can engage their mind in productive activities. Arcade Games is approachable for every age group and students do not have to pay for playing these games online so it is a student friendly website also in terms of productive use of mind, spending their free time as well as in terms of not putting much financial burden on this non earning community.


My TV 


Idea to promote online video uploading service of Drip Star


Drip Star Company produces high-quality content for its viewers all around the world.  Team comprises of well-skilled content makers that produce very exciting and favorable content for the viewers. Main objective is to gain maximum viewership for the content that they are producing. This can be achieved by highly supportive and trustworthy sponsors. Keeping in view the importance of trustworthy sponsors, the company is going to launch online video uploading service exclusively for sponsors names as My TV.


Our unique App named as My TV provides a feature of online video uploading and can enable you to get above 50k views in a single month. This will be a video hosting website of your valued content the best feature of this program is that sponsors will not have to pay an extra amount for this uploading and getting monetized, they will only have to pay for sponsorship fee that is $10 to become a content sponsor of Drip Star. Company has designed a program named as My TV that is a platform that allows users to find and watch established commercial video (film and television), independent productions, and user-generated content. Publishers can customize the presentation of their video, automatically publish  and organize programming into episodic series or complete channels. My TV uses both peer-to-peer (for its embeddable player) and Adobe-Flash-based streaming. This program has also a feature on video uploading on demand. The advertisement of videos will be by Drip Star and sponsors will not have to pay an extra effort towards monetization.

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