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Drip World Membership

Drip World - Here

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Instructions for entrance:

After payment, you will receive a code to unlock the door, also known as the door code.

The door also may be unlocked remotely through the use of a smart lock



You are a sponsor who is paying to support the continued functionality of the D.S.E.H. Drip Star Entertainment House...

Your payment is the equivalent to a signed waver

No gambling

No weapons 

No loud noise

By entering the Drip World property, you agree to be on camera

You agree that D.S.E.H. reserves the right to use the footage for anything

Fighting, and you will be asked to leave, and can not come back for 90 days 

By making payment, you agree not to sue Drip Star Entertainment or any of it's affiliates

Enter at your own risk

If you do not agree with anything listed here, leave now!

By staying on this property, you agree to everything listed here.

You are a sponsor, so there are no refunds

Cash Giveaway:

Emails Addresses Will Be Randomly Chosen For Cash Giveaways Weekly ($100 - $500)

There must be 1000 or more people for the weekly cash giveaway.

The money will be sent directly to your Paypal account through your Paypal email address or cash app.


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